My auto-buy authors

Hello Readers,

 I was talking to the other Lauren (Link to her blog here) about authors who’s books we tend to buy without needing to read the blurb, we just know it’s going to be a great book. Which inspired me to write this post. What makes these authors so special you might be asking well these authors write the kind of book that gives me a reading hangover. As much as I hate the reading hangover, they are a sign of an enjoyable book. Another reason why an author will make my list is that the writing, plot, or characters move me. The last one is a little sad, I’m sorry.

P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Let’s be honest for any of you who have been following my blog a while know I love both PC and Kiersten. I have loved their book since I was teenager. The house of night books is home to me whenever I feel sad or if I get into a reading slump, I read them they really have become a comfort blanket for me. I’m just going to freak out again just a little bit that P. C. Cast knows who I am. I don’t think younger me can take it anymore without exploding into a glitter ball.

Christina Henry

If you read my review of Horseman, it was a bit of a love letter to Christina I’m still not sorry. I love her book despite not reviewing all of them on my blog. Apparently, I hoard my good thoughts Christians book to myself better than a dragon with treasure despite this I really do love her books and own most of them on my kindle.

Pixie Britton

Pixie’s writing is wonderful you really are buckled in for the ride you end up fully suspending your disbelief and you become fully emotionally attached to the storyline and the characters. The Kill or Cure series is such a beautiful effortless read and I can’t wait to see what Pixie thinks of next. I have no shame in admitting I have sent her some heat of the moment messages after reading the books. 

Mark Boutros

I have no shame in admitting I have sent Mark some rather abusive messages while beta reading his work and poke him occasionally, so I have something new and fun to read. What makes Mark an auto-buy author well his books DIS-TROYED me. His world and characters envelop you and you are right there next to them on this journey. I’m sat on the edge of my seat waiting for Marks next project.

Anne Rice

This is me acknowledging that Anne is gone The Reign of Osiris was released in February and I can’t bring myself to get it. I have owned most of Anne’s books throughout my life and she was an auto-buy author for years. The same thing happened with The Shepherd's Crown by Sir Terry Pratchett I think the book was out over a year before I finally read it. Anne's work reigniting my love of reading the characters are believable and their arcs are wonderful. 


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