Cotton & Grey (Ad, Gifted)

Hello Readers, 

Saying this week has been a little rough would be an understatement I have had three anaphylactic reactions. Thank you, Cotton & Grey, for sending me your “Just for you” candles this post is an AD, and the product was gifted but this in no way will affect my ability to give an honest post and review. 

I was scrolling through social media when I discovered the company Cotton & Grey looking out to collaborate and I loved the idea of their “just for you" candles. They got the idea for their Twenty Minute Candles when they put together a small box of beeswax candles and handwritten affirmation cards for a close friend who was struggling in lockdown. 

This is such an adorably packaged item, I love the grey box the candles come in and the little holder that’s included. The care and diligence that goes into each package is clear. Don’t let the size of the candles put you off the as they are well made and burn cleanly as they are made from 100% non-drip Pure Beeswax. The honey aroma isn’t too strong either which I was glad about as honey in a candle can sometimes be a little overwhelming but no worries here. Also bonus points as they are completely allergy friendly for me. 

I have used quite a few of the twenty-minute candles since being discharged from hospital to help refocus myself and to remind myself that even taking just 20 minutes for myself after a reaction isn’t selfish.  I haven’t really been able to relax or focus enough to meditate but I think these candles are the closet I’ve been.  Maybe it was relaxing watching the flame flicker and not focusing on any other outside influences. I think it may have been that I didn’t really look at is as a type of meditation but more a little moment just for me.  

Even now, a couple of days after my last reaction, I have used the candles again to reflect on the last few days and process the complex psychological effects that come along with a reaction.

While we can all nod our head and agree it’s important to take care of ourselves, like me you might find it hard. It's ironic I can help friends when I see them starting to burnout and remind them to be selfish and focus on themselves. However, I often do not follow my own advice. I remember reading somewhere that “It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary.” 

This is a little reminder from me to find things that help you take care of your mental and physical health. To take a little time out of your busy day to focus on you – to give yourself permission to sit and focus on you. To forget about the troubles, you may have faced that day. 

Whether you are looking to start showing yourself some selfcare you should check out the Cotton & Grey store, I can honestly say these candles have helped me the past week.

L x

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