Game Review: Ravenous Devils

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So, I found this little evil gem of a game on TikTok, I soon ran to steam to download the demo and straight after the demo finished, I bought the full game. In this post I am going to be using a poster image I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

Ravenous Devils tells the story of a serial killer tailor (Percival) and his loving chef wife (Hilda) who both want to get rich no matter the cost. In the game you play as a duo of anti-heroes reminiscent of Sweeny Todd and his baker/landlord, Mrs. Lovett. This game is as disturbing and gory as it sounds you see the brutal killings, the chopping of the bodies, and witness story moments that are downright chilling. Percival is a tailor and Hilda oversees the kitchen and tavern.

This game is a beautiful gory medley of Sweeney Todd and part cooking simulator, From the start, you are running two shops at the same time in a click and point based play. You must keep both the business Tailor and Tavern/Pie Shop working together just as seamlessly as Hilda and Percival work together wonderfully as a team.

The gameplay sees you running both these shops at the time, Percival is a serial murderer tailor who stabs patrons to death with his tailor’s scissors he then deposits the body via a trapdoor to the basement, where Hildred butchers up the body and uses it as ingredients in a variety of recipes alluded to as “grandma’s recipes.”, Which are then sold to the public for a profit, which you can then put back into the business and upgrade your equipment.  Also, the customers have a timer above their head and it’s important to keep the customers satisfied so your shop doesn’t take a reputation damage.

I was sucked into the story of Ravenous Devils with the simple question of will they get caught? and excellent story line. Not long after the shop opens Percival and Hildred receive a letter from an unknown sender called Mr J who knows who they are and what they are doing. In exchange for his silence and not turning them over to the police, Mr J wants them to kill some very specific people. The games might be seen as a slow burner however don’t let that put you off as it builds to become increasingly more manic as your pub gets busier. The macabre cooking flows nicely, unfolding like an old point-and-click adventure game, where all you do is tell the characters where to go and what to grab. While the gameplay mechanics of Ravenous Devils can be seen as easy, it as a ‘pick up and play’ game.

Ravenous Devils is a fantastic, dark, twisted game that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters of Hilda and Percival are wonderful and sadistic psychos, and I can’t wait to see if this game will get a sequel. Personally, I think is an opportunity to expand the game and gameplay and it could possibly turn into a well-loved albeit gruesomely dark franchise.

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