The Horseman of Sleepy Hollow by Rebecca F. Kenney

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Oh, look it’s a Sleepy Hollow retelling am I sorry nope! Thank you, Lauren, for spotting this little gem and for letting me know it existed. Honestly, I am sucker for a retelling I have covered so many on here, but this is the first Sleepy Hollow retelling I have read. Horseman by Christina Henry doesn’t count it’s a sequel.  

Due to being raised on stories about my Irish heritage I knew about the legend of Dullahan so a little of the story I already knew but despite my previous knowledge it didn’t take anything away from Rebecca’s retelling. Dullahan are under the control of a master, who can force them to kill people however the Dullahan has no freewill once the order is given.

I loved this retelling it’s combines the Irving legend with the orginal Irish legend of the Dullahan. Just one thing my review of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will have gone live before this post where I state how much I dislike Ichabod. Rebecca made me like him a little and now I detest him a little less, but Brom lost some brownie points that Christina gave him.

I love Rebecca's Katrina van Tassel. In my opinion she’s up there with Christina’s   interpretation of the character. She's such a refreshing character for a change she has a brain and uses it. people of Sleepy Hollow look down on her and talk behind her back, calling her a tease, drag her good name through the mud. I adore how this Katrina is not this flawless, composed society girl but instead was a feminist freedom fighter who didn’t want to fit into the norm.

Just like the orginal legend Katrina is being pressured into marriage and we have the orginal key suitors, Brom Brunt, and Ichabod Crane. I don’t think this is too much of an ask but apparently in the world of Sleepy Hollow it is too much to ask for someone who could accept you in all your unconventional glory.

It never crossed my mind that given the time period the book is set that the large families would own slaves. Rebecca is respectful and the use of slaves isn’t just used as a plot point or for shock value. I mention above that Katrina was a freedom fighter than includes the slave she wants the Van Tassels salves to either be free or paid.

If you like the source material or Horseman by Christina Henry, you should really give this short story ago as it expands and compliments the orginal classic. Do not be fooled this tale is not as predictable as you might think and is a nice quick read.

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