The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

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How pretty is this copy of Sleepy Hollow this is one of them books where I own multiple physical copies, both audio, digital copies and multiple tv and movie versions. This is another classic book I have reread recently, and I reread Horseman by Christina Henry and they follow beautifully if anyone was wondering.

This is another book I have surprisingly loved since I was younger, I think I was 17 the first time I read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow I was allowed to watch the Tim Burton film way before I should have been able to, and I blame that for my fascination with this story. It wasn’t even till recently I found out that Irving was inspired by the Irish Legend of The Dullahan.

Having reread this book a couple of months after I read Horseman by Christina Henry, I was surprised at how well both have intermingled to make a much more fulfilling story for me personally. Ichabod Crane if you have read Horseman you know! Having that slightly ingrained into my brain while reading added a whole new thought of foreboding throughout this reread.

I have a confession I personally found Brom Bones in the book and both screen adaptions to be irritating and I just didn’t like him I think I used to just skim over his parts in the book. I never saw the person who loved practical jokes and revered by the town of Sleepy Hollow. However, during my reread I realised how mean I have been too poor Brom, and I appreciate him as a character more.

I did notice rereading this book as an adult is it turns out; sweet old Ichabod was only really interested in Katrina because her father was wealthy, and it was a no go as she was already being courted. I think I am going to blame Disney for this as the cartoon Ichabod doesn’t come across as that much a sleaze ball and must have impaired my douche meter. Maybe it’s a Disney effect or a bad Mandela Effect but I thought he was charming oh no! I dear Reader am wrong! Not only is he greedy, but he’s also pompous and self-absorbed. Long gone are the feelings of pity Readers.

I think I will always have a soft spot for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as I have been entranced by its ghost stories and haunting atmosphere. It’s easy to see how the legend has bewitched imaginations of its readers for the last 202 years and it’s not just for Halloween.

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