A Very British Murder by Lucy Worsley

Hello Readers,

Today I have a non-fiction book for you. This book is a companion book to the BBC series which originally aired in back in 2013. I know it’s been a fair few years but I honestly didn’t know the series had a book companion until I spotted this book on kindle deals.

This book outlines the history of British crime both real and fictional and our obsession with crime and murder. This book explores a variety of British crimes from Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes, the Golden Age, to true crime. There are several thought-provoking insights that expose the development of crime writing and how some writers took inspiration from real-life events. This book will introduce you to some classic crime fiction of the nineteenth and twentieth century and give you an understanding of why they exist.

Lucy shows us the changing social attitudes to murder by bringing together different strands from law enforcement, social expectation, societal change, literature, and the grisly issue of murder. I found it fascinating. Even now we have we still have a morbid curiosity with the macabre to the point we now romanticise serial killers. This book gives us the readers a lot of material and the option to go and research and possible do few deep dives of our own for more detailed information.

Lucy Worsley is a brilliant writer and just through watching her documentaries I have to say I love her passion for history. This may sound a little silly, but I was a little concerned that Lucy's enthusiasm and charm could have got lost in the writing, but I am glad to say it didn’t and this book is a entertaining read. The writing has a conversational tone and uses a little humour on occasion. The chapters are short as it never dwells too long in one place and well-illustrated and is easy to jump back in as it is not too information dumpy.

L x