Champagne at Seven by Toni Glickman (Gifted)

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Thank you, Becky, and Literally PR, for reaching out and inviting me on the blog tour for Champagne at Seven by Toni Glickman and sending me a physical copy for free in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Champagne at Seven

Author: Toni Glickman

Pages: 242 pages

Cover Image:


Champagne at Seven! Book One of Bitches of Fifth Avenue series: Olivia Wyatt, a mid-40s, rich Washingtonian who beautifully plays the part of mother, socialite, philanthropist, wife, and Stepford cut-out doll in the chardonnay and whiskey-wrapped superficial world in which she lives. Her exclusive last minute D.C. dinner party didn't quite end how she had anticipated. Tragic news was served up late night instead of her planned dessert of luscious and blissful black forest cake. Olivia and her daughter, Gwynnie, suddenly need to rebuild their lives—and themselves.

Olivia reluctantly moves from her Georgetown high society personal battlefield back to New York City, and is on the prowl for work, only to find herself fighting in the trenches of a new, more intense luxury retail sales war. She dodges designer landmines in her new job as a high-end personal shopper—which only catapults her into a fifth gear spin cycle of anxiety, insanity, and toxicity. She is now working alongside Bitches of Fifth Avenue in a gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking struggle to maintain her sanity, and her bank account. Olivia needs to find her way, and fast, before she loses her mind—and her job.

Miniature Review

This book transported me into a world that I could never visit standing at a whole 5ft2. Dear Reader I have a confession I had to google some things mentioned in this book to see what all the hype was about. This book’s expressive writing transports you into the world of fashion without romanticising the harsh reality of the fashion world.  This book isn’t afraid to show the belittling and horribly catty side in the world of fashion.

Toni does a fantastic job extending crucial plot points to draw me into her book further but somehow manages to keep the book flowing rather quickly. This book is filled with some brilliant descriptions that really made you feel like are there and next to Olivia.

Olivia has everything a woman could want while she navigates the social gatherings that few of us get to experience in real life. Until her life is turned upside down and she has to rebuild herself.  Olivia is a great protagonist, and you can’t help but get attached to her and want her to win. After all who doesn’t love a little story of redemption. I loved the relationship between Olivia and Gwynnie and they come across as relatable and likeable which can be hard to portray at times in books.

The book has its own unique style and there were some cringy moments but also some genuinely funny parts too which helped keep the book well balanced. This isn’t a negative at all, but this book feels like it would be at home in the hallmark movies Mother Goose loves.

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