Hex (2004-2005) Review

Hello Readers,

This is such a niche review if anyone of you remember this tv series please let me know. I would say spoilers, but this series is almost 20 years old. Hex originally aired back in 2004-2005 on Sky One should I have been watching this at 11 possibly not but here we are didn’t do me any harm. I’m just upset I went to university and didn’t birth the antichrist… I am joking. I am using poster images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

I was so surprised when I was scrolling through Prime Video and saw Hex just sitting there free to watch. Did I clear my weekend of reading and binge series one and two in one sitting of course I did. Your eyes are not tricking you dear Reader that is a baby Michael Fassbender.  Michael doesn’t speak for most of the first episode he just stands in the background all brooding with his guyliner. The choke hold that man still has on me almost 20 years later in crazy. Also, for The Vampire Diaries fans you can see a baby Klaus, Joseph Morgan as a little lost teenager.

To this day Hex is one of the best British witchy premises series with a sprinkle of demonic storylines on top ever. I think one thing that makes Hex stand out is the fact it treats its viewers like adults and assumes that they possess an attention span of more than a few seconds. There is none of this spoon feeding that a lot of modern shows do. 

Hex is set at a remote English school called  Medenham Hall, which occupies the former manor house and grounds of the McBain estate. It was the site of an 18th-century witchcraft scandal in which the female members of the line, the Medenham Witches, were tried and executed. The series is cinematically beautiful, showing Englefield House in all its majestic splendour and showing off  the stunning grounds. Making the school look ominous, charming, and impressive.

This show is very much of its time as it came out around the Buffy and Charmed era, but it is completely unique. This show really had something for everyone, love, hate, lust, magic, good, evil you name it, it was in there. Each of the characters were typical sex-driven teenagers, who are being force into a world of magic without realising it, and it's addictive to watch. I love the friendship/lesbian tension with Thelma and Cassie, their bond is amazing. Thelma still lives rent free in my head every now and then I will think of a Thelmaism from the show and still giggle to myself. 

I loved how the mean girls weren’t just two dimensional and not the stereotypical “mean girls” we see in modern series. The isn't just all teeny drama the adults in the show play an important part, and without them the show wouldn't have worked. One thing that did confuse me during the rewatch is that he original theme song has been replaced in case anyone is curious the original opening was #1 Crush by Garbage. 

It has been 18 years and I am still mad that it got left on such a cliff-hanger. A decision that still confuses me as the reviews were all positive and the show was well received by its audience. It just went poof. This show really was the perfect balance between the supernatural and the natural, with great story lines between each of the characters and still lives rent free in my head.

L x