MCM bloggers Brunch (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

I would like to say think you again to Jamie, Stephen, Black Crow, Tor and MCM for such an amazing day on Sunday (28/05/23).

I was so excited that I was able to see so many old blogging friends again and I didn’t react thankfully. I also got to see  The Other Lauren, again and we didn’t get a single photo together. It was honestly so amazing to be doing something so “normal” and being surrounded by so many likeminded people. The bloggers brunch has grown, and we were in a completely different part of the Excel centre this year. But the brunch still felt intimate, and I just loved it.

I would also like to thank Alexander Darwin, Anna Smith Spark, AY Chao, Gareth Worthington, Olivie Blake, and TJ Klune. These lovely authors basically speed dated all of us bloggers. I can see you questioning my choice of words dear Reader well let me explain. In the brunch all the bloggers pick a table to settle down at and it’s the authors who move from table to table.  I adore this set up and was glad it hadn’t changed. For me it just feels a little bit more relaxed and is unique experience as you can chat with these amazing authors and get books signed and photos in a chill and informal setting

Dear Reader, I have the will of a wet spaghetti when it comes to books, and I picked up Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao while I was there. Was it because A.Y. Chao was sat next to me? no dear Reader that would have made sense. The other Lauren was sat on my left and said half vampire, half fox-spirit next thing I knew I was at the little forbidden planet stall with my own copy. Events mentioned may vary from the other Laurens point of view. I mean come on it sounds amazing. A.Y. Chao was kind enough to sign my copy and my print we got in the goodie bag.

Tor provided us all a goodie bags and in mine I received two amazing Advanced Readers Copies as well as some other bookish goodies a selection listed below.

  • Bride of the Tornado by James Kennedy (ARC)
  • The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake (ARC)
  • Shanghai Immortal print
  • The Combat Codes Temporary Tattoo
  • MCM comic con bookmark
  • In the lives of puppets by T J Klune Bookmark
  • Dark Dweller bookmark by Gareth Worthington
  • Tor Tote Bag

Once the brunch finished, we were free to explore Comic Con. I was lucky I got the to chance to look around at artist alley before Laura Steven’s signing at Forbidden planet.

It was honestly an amazing day thank you again to everyone who was involved in the brunch.

L x

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