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Hello Readers,

Sorry for the radio silence battling against sad brain while trying to pretend everything okay is an extreme sport for me. I have a really bad habit of slipping and not realising how bad things have gotten till I’m sat at the bottom looking up. Thankfully keeping ahead of with post due to reactions means it’s only been a week of missed content. I hope this post helps someone even if its just knowing you aren’t alone fighting the brain demons.

Finch App

I have already written a full review of the finch app, but it has been over a year, and I am still using the app daily.  I was a unsure how having a little bird that checks up on me would work. But that little cute face does, one of my favourite tasks in the app is setting the daily goals for the next day nothing is too out there and can really help on the days when you feel low. The app also now has daily routines which I have set up to keep me on track. This app put people before profit there are no microtransactions and no ads in this app. However, there is an upgrade feature but after a year of use I have never felt like I have needed to upgrade. The mental health SOS kit is free to use.

Sugar and Sloth Bands

I originally got these bands to help after a reaction and to be a reminder to keep myself grounded and “safe” in chaos. “I have done harder things” is a reminder of how many reactions I have already had and that I have come out each time a little rough but still here. “Love yourself you stupid bitch” is to remind myself to be kinder to myself after a reaction and in general.


It’s no secret I love to read but in sad brain its hard to read and I jump between audiobooks I have already listened to and books I have already read. I think its my brains way of seeking comfort in the familiar. I would be lost if anything ever happened to my kindle, I still love physical books don’t get me wrong but when I can read two books a day it gets a little hefty carrying books around.  


I have found I rely on music more recent when the big sad comes to settle in. I think I try to silence the brain demons by silencing them with Lewis Capaldi, Pink, or a mixed-up playlist. I say that like I haven’t trained my brain into review mode listening to Steps” What the Future Holds” live album.   



I finally gave in and got a PS4, and gaming has become my chill out zone. During this latest sad spell, I have recompleted Ratchet and Clank and played Jedi: Fallen Order. It was nice to turn off to a degree on days where I didn’t feel like I could concentrate on reading or starting a new tv series.  

L x

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