The Life-Changing Magic of a Little Bit of Mess by Kerri Sackville (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

I would like to say thank you Harper360UK for sending me a physical copy of The Life-Changing Magic of a Little Bit of Mess by Kerri Sackville for free in exchange for an honest review.

When I saw this book on Harper260UK’s twitter I knew I had to have it. My brain can not slow down after an anaphylactic reaction long gone are the days of bed day recovery. Instead for recovery my brain decides it loves to clean and despite being exhausted and everything hurting I will power though to get my brain to be quiet. I don’t mean a little clean either dear Reader after my last reaction I emptied and hoovered my draws and tried to move my room around… the day after an anaphylactic reaction. So, you can kind of see why I wanted this book to try and reprogram the reaction brain cleaning fixation.

Since lockdown and the rise of TikTok I have seen the rise of decluttering gurus, cleantok and cleaning hack bloggers. It is very easy to get caught up in the cleaning trends and to be perfectly mess free. I am so glad that Kerri’s voice has been added to the mix and is a reminder to step back and focus on what really matters.

One thing that has stuck with me from this book is facing the harsh reality that no one has ever looked back on their life and wished they had spent more time cleaning. With my recent mental health blip, I challenge myself to not do a full house clean on a Thursday like I have done for the past couple of year. Guess what I only changed my bed and washed the towels. Guess what dear Reader the four horsemen of the apocalypse didn’t show up and the world didn’t end who knew.   

This book was a slight eye opener, I have set myself up to feel like I’ve failed if I do not do a full house clean on Thursday, despite doing housework through the week. Even after hospital stays and this book has helped me slightly unpick the tight hold that mentality has on me. Thankfully I am just over a month free of a huge reaction, but it will be interesting to see if I fall back into old habits. I have tabbed sections of the book I think will help when my brain gets into full blitz mode.

L x

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