Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Hello Readers,

Woohoo let’s read another banned book why was this book banned I hear you ask? Is it because the book contains traditionally “unsuitable” material such as drinking, drugs, profanity, sex, and violence. Oh, wait the main character attend a party where there is alcohol mentioned but wait no one actually drinks. The obvious conclusion is this book was challenged and banned because it features people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you want to ban a book that celebrates most of the Latino communities, a story about acceptance, identity, the love between families by both blood and chosen. Go for It you close minded amoeba.

This book is filled to the brim with sensitive topics that have been combined harmoniously together without lowering the overall tone of the book. In the book Aiden looks at transphobia, deep parental issues, deportation, and grief.

This book is filled with Latino culture, and it filled my heart with so much love to see it, from festivals, to food, to the various members of a large family, to the occasional Spanish sentence. Random fact of the day I still know a fair bit of Spanish dear Reader. There were so many diverse cultures within the Latino community that came together in this book. I love this book as it reminded me of experience I had when I was teenager while travelling. I also learnt and bit more from this book and ended up doing my own research inspires by subjects mentioned.

I also enjoyed following Yadriel on his journey. Yadriel and his family and the local community have a special role. Cared for and empowered by Lady Death, they have the power to perceive spirits trapped on earth. the magic system in this book, it is very gender driven and the brujo and bruja have different powers and roles. The men of the community, have the power as brujo to release these spirits to the hereafter. While the women of the community have their own role as healers. Yadriel has not been allowed to take on the role of a brujo because not everyone has accepted his identity as a boy.

I loved every second of Yadriel’s journey from the self-exploration to finding his own powers and strengths. To prove himself, Yadriel with the help of his friend Maritza perform the brujo ceremony and after being accepted but the Goddess of Death. While trying to help find his cousin Yadriel accidentally summons the spirit of Julian while trying to be helpful and the books adventure begins. You can't help but love them.

I love Yads and Jules equally, but I am going to gush about Jules for a minute. I loved Jules because of the way he was portrayed but his character development and what we learn about him through the book. Jules wasn’t only funny, but he is insanely loyal.

I loved how Yads and Jules chemistry slowly built throughout this book as they opened up to each other.  Jules just... will not shut up, and poor Yads has had to put up with it since he summoned Jules. Yads and Jules deserve the world.

This book is a must read and I cannot wait for book two.

L x

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