Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun by Jonny Garza Villa

Hello Readers,

I loved Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun it’s so raw and it broke my heart at times. Jonny you broke me during chapter 28, it had me in pieces. This book is a reminder that not everyone has love and support when they come out and this might be down to the LGBTQIA+ books I choose to read but not every coming out story is all love, glitter, and rainbows.

I know it’s the harsh reality, but my heart really does break for anyone who is disowned for being part of the LGBTQIA+ community. This book broke my little heart at times I can’t imagine how hard it is having to hide part of who you are and having to act “straight” out of fear.

This book tackles the intense struggles of homophobia, racism, mention of death, outing, bullying, violence, physical abuse, trauma, anxiety. But it doesn’t weight the book down at all. Everything Jonny has portrayed is done in a realistic way that isn’t being done for shock value, there is not a single part of this book that really feel fiction. In your heart while reading you know there is some poor person in the LGBTQIA+ community having to hide who they really are, scared to come out and it really does break my heart.

Please don’t be put off by what Jonny tackles in this book it is also filled with so much love. From platonic to romantic to the love within a family, every page is inundated with love between the characters. It was heart-warming to see Jules’s friends love and support him through it all. Jules Dad on the other hand can go put himself in the bin and stay there. Jules’ final remarks to his father are just perfect.

Jules’ accident comes out on social media at a house party, he gets a little too drunk and posts a selfie and tags his hidden “Gay” account (Jules words not mine). This is where Mat comes in and they are honestly the cutest couple ever. Mat was the perfect mix of flirty, smitten, and adorable against Jules’ awkwardness. Mat despite having a supportive family and safe environment to be himself never talked to Juli├ín like he didn’t know what he was going through. He always tried to understand and just listened.

The book shows the complications that arise in long distance relationships. Long distances relationships are hardly ever portrayed in YA books realistically.  In my experience it really annoys me when there is a chapter of long distance then boom there is no financial issues or real-life issues, and someone just picks up their life and they spend the rest of the book happy. Like please at least try make it believable.

Please add this book to your TBR if like me you’re turning into a hopeless romantic the older you get. This book is currently available on Kindle unlimited.  

L x

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