Lose You to Find Me by Erik J. Brown

Hello Readers,

Did I read both Erik's books back-to-back of course I did. I loved All That’s Left in the World and couldn’t wait to start Lose You to Find Me. I adored this book and I think it would be a really cute miniseries or even a movie? This book just feels so cosy.

Erik is a great storyteller, writing relatable characters just trying to figure themselves out either at the end of civilisation or just working out what happens after graduation. Erik is now on the auto-buy author for me. Erik has a talent for encapsulating the messiness of life into his work a lot of YA books skim over.

One of my favourite aspects of this book was the various friendships between all of the characters. A lot of things in this book were messy, romance, relationships, life. It was so well-written, it felt completely natural. Every single relationship in this book felt relatable and realistic which adds a great layer of depth not always found in YA books.

Tommy first met Gabe at summer camp when they were younger. Midway through the camp Gabe doesn’t come back and Tommy makes up his own brilliant reason why Gabe disappears. Poor Tommy realised he was gay when he came to the realisations he liked Gabe more than a straight guy would. Gabe reappears and Tommy is assigned to train him as kitchen/ hosting staff at his workplace, Sunset Estates Retirement Home. What could possibly go wrong…

I loved Tommy and his friends and their interactions with the residents of the Retirement Community. I have a lot of love for Al and Willa, and I now want them to be my grandparents! I wanted nothing but the best for Tommy and at time had my fingers crossed for him. Tommy's friends and work colleagues are the best and I really felt like I was part of the gang with them. Ava is such a powerful young woman; James gives the best nicknames and just Brad.

This book is a coming-of-age story looking into the insecurities of growing up, finding yourself, the pressure of deciding your future. It challenges the fact that not everyone’s life needs to follow an identical path and I loved every second of it. You should add this to your even towering TBR list

L x

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