Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Hello Readers,

According to aunty google the release date for the film is August 11th on Amazon Prime. I did the math so you don’t have too but the 11th of August is 53 days away. So there is still time to read the book if you would like to dear Reader. I am going to try make this review as spoiler free as possible in case you are waiting for the film.

I read Red, White & Royal Blue a while ago I had a friend who kept pestering me to read it as they adored it. I decided to reread it before the film release, and I forgot how much I enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait till the 11th of August.  Apparently, I am a hopeless romantic at heart dear Readers who knew? I am slightly obsessed with enemies to lovers, and I think that why I enjoyed my reread. I mean who doesn’t love the enemies to lover’s trope.

Our enemies to lovers dear Reader are Alex Claremont-Diaz, the Mexican-American first son of the United States and Henry, the Prince of England. At the start of the book, they can just about tolerate each other when their paths cross. However, one of their verbal sparring matches ends in disaster. To try keep the peace in the public eye Alex and Henry have no choice but to play nice with each other in front of cameras as damage control.

The relationship growth between Henry and Alex was so good throughout the book and never felt forced. In some enemies to lover’s books, you can occasionally feel the author shove you down the “THEY LOVE EACH OTHER” path too soon and too forceful. The email exchanges between Henry and Alex are the cutest thing, they quote historical love letters, reference Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars and Greek lovers. Be still my little black heart.

You can’t help but feel the pressure and how high the stakes are for them because if news broke out about them, it’s not just friends and families who are going to find out, its not just two countries it’s the world. Imagine the stress of thinking how everyone would react and potentially judge you for falling in love. I enjoyed reading the effects the boys’ actions had on each other’s PR teams and the precautions taken such as cover-ups and damage control. It felt realistic and something we have seen a lot in recent years.

The supporting characters are just as complex and vulnerable as Alex and Henry. Casey made me feel like I was part of the little gang, and I was helping Henry and Alex keep everything hidden and despite this being a reread like I was along with everyone for the ride. All the friendship dynamics between the characters were wonderful and made the book so enjoyable.

“History, huh?”

L x

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