Rags of Time by Michael Ward

Hello Readers,

Thank you so much Michael for reaching out, this book series on kindle unlimited if you would like to venture into Michael’s world. Book one was a great quick read, and I can’t wait to share this series with you.

Michael has managed to fill his book with so many distinct aspects without making the story become overly complicated and hard to follow. I loved the opening murder mystery, to social and political unrest to believable well thought out characters I loves every second. I read this book in once sitting dear Reader and had to hold off starting book two till the next day as not to mess up my notes.

Through Michael writing you get a real sense of the social and political unrest of the time throughout this book. It’s clear Michael has done a lot of research and inspired me to research some of the events mentioned. I didn’t know anything about the apprentice riots. I have a confession unless it’s to do with Henry the 8th I don’t think I have more than a basic knowledge, so I enjoyed doing my own research once I finished the book.

The London trading ports play a huge roll in this story, and I enjoyed seeing the excitement and new spice imports and the uncertainty about importing something new such as turmeric I will never take it for granted again. I loved learning about the economics about pepper and again did my own little bit of research as Michael had piqued my curiosity and I had to know more. Silly side note I have a lot of love for sailor’s tales did you know dragon blood comes from Madagascar, who knew? As much as I could gush about everything, I have now learned I should probably move onto telling you more about the book, sorry dear Reader I historically fan-girled hard.

It is clear Michael has put a lot of thought into his characters in this book everyone is well thought out and no one really fits a stereotype. Thomas is great but I adore Elizabeth Seymour, Elizabeth isn’t a throw away female character. There is a stereotype you occasionally get in books set in the time period, let’s be honest most women from this time in a lot of fiction are either part of the royal household or a whore. 

Elizabeth is smart with an interest in astronomy, mathematics, and the latest scientific theories. I loved seeing her take pleasure in her interests and teaching Thomas a little thing or two. I don’t think it’s really a little easter egg, but the inclusion of some famous real people was a cute little detail I didn’t expect.

Without giving to much away the huge plot twist actually made me say “huh, you bastard” when it was revealed I did not see it coming but it was completely plausible, and it was brilliant as the truth unravelled.

Come back tomorrow to hear about book two.

L x

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