The Drums of War by Michael Ward

Hello Readers,

Thank you again Michael for reaching out, this book series on kindle unlimited if you would like to venture into Michael’s world. Today I am following on from my post yesterday reviewing The Wrecking Storm the second book in the Thomas Tallant series.

Cheeky slight change in programming the book doesn’t start with a murder. How the murders are brought up are clever and took me by surprise. In this book Tom finds himself assisting the Puritan leader John Pym while Elizabeth is investigating a mysterious jewel thief. These two plots are strong themselves but setting theses against the political unrest of the time adds a whole new level of unrest thought out the book. Once again Michael has expertly woven both factual and fictional elements perfectly.

The past two books have built the tension perfect for this book I am glad I read the book all together. The political and social unrest may underpin the main plot but there are other themes running through the story it’s easy to understand the fear around such an unpredictable time. As well as the fear you have the pining of friends against friends and family infighting. The shock and betrayal are real and it’s easy to overlook these thoughts and feelings when looking back at these events through history. However, these harsher topics do not weight down the mood of the book as our beloved cast show bravery and loyalty in such harsh times.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Lady Carlisle more in this book she has her moments she is such a great character. She makes you feel all the emotions one minute you love her the next you hate her. She is based on a very real person, and I loved looking into the real Lucy Hay. The real Lucy Hay may have served both parties simultaneously, betraying communications on both sides, and doing considerable mischief in inflaming political animosities.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and am a little sad I have finished the books and will happily read further books in this series. I also forgot how much I love history and researching historical events and I’m sorry if I have geeked out a little too much. As I’ve mentioned this series is available on kindle unlimited and a great read. I would like to say thank you again to Michael for reaching out and for inspiring me to geek out history again thank you.

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