Bride of the Tornado by James Kennedy (Gifted)

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Thank you, Jamie, Stephen and Black Crow PR for giving me a copy of Bride of the Tornado by James Kennedy for free in my goodie bag from the MCM Bloggers Brunch.

Happy Belated Publication Day! 

Title: Bride of the Tornado

Author: James Kennedy

Publication Date: 15th August 2023

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Coming-of-age story

Pages: 336



In a small town tucked away in the midwestern corn fields, the adults whisper about Tornado Day. Our narrator, a high school sophomore, has never heard this phrase but she soon discovers its terrible meaning: a plague of sentient tornadoes is coming to destroy them.

The only thing that stands between the town and total annihilation is a teen boy known as the tornado killer. Drawn to this enigmatic boy, our narrator senses an unnatural connection between them. But the adults are hiding a secret about the origins of the tornadoes and the true nature of the tornado killer—and our narrator must escape before the primeval power that binds them all comes to claim her.

Miniature Review

This book is unique, and I loved the concept of this book. I mean this as a compliment, but you know that feeling in a bad dream when you become aware you’re in a bad dream that is what this book feels like.

The book starts with an innocent child’s version of a tornado yes, they are scary, but our protagonist enjoys the time her and her family spend sheltering in the basement. They got to hang out as a family and listen to stories and play games. However, as she grows up, she learns the truth about the tornadoes and the tornado killer.

Without too many spoilers I think the only way I can explain this book is a complex over lapping web of plot points interweaving all the way to the end to show you the complete picture at the end of the book. This story is told by an unnamed protagonist, and we are on this journey with her as her subconscious and we discover her life as she does.  

This book has a couple of gory moments and a couple of moments did make me feel little uncomfortable like any good horror does but a nice read.

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