My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood

Hello Readers,

This book has been on TBR for ages, and I just kept bumping it down, it’s a 32-page short story like brain just read it.

I am actually a little mad with myself that I kept putting the book off. It is a terrific book and feels like its in the same vein as When Woman Where Dragons. This short story is about the timeless story of the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter looking into the misunderstandings and the unwavering power of love.  

For a short story, this tale is a perfectly thought out, thought-provoking read with a driven storyline. The story’s main protagonist is a fifteen-year-old unnamed narrator is being raised by a single mother in Toronto. We follow her childhood life, then fifteen growing up with her mother. The typical Atwood wit is strong in the mother, and I thought she was hilarious. 

While growing up our protagonist has heard the whispers that her mother is a witch, she has seen her mother’s herb garden and the bottles of “goop” her mother gives to women who visit her house. Also, odd rituals like forcing her daughter to burn her hair that collects in the hairbrush, to stop others using it.

That’s as much as I can say dear Reader without giving too much away. My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood might be a short story but it’s a fun and enchanting read that packs a punch. I regret pushing down my TBR.

L x

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