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Today I thought I would share some on my books on my NetGalley TBR (To Be Read Pile). I have gone on a bit of a request binge dear Reader and requested a load of books for next year and I must share them with you. For each book I am including the publication date on NetGalley, the number of pages, the blurb, and a link to goodreads in case you want to the add the book to your TBR.

I am using poster images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers

Publication Date: 25 Jan 2024

Pages: 352

Blurb: The Everly family is cursed. Every generation is destined to lose their best and brightest, taken by a woman named Penelope, who never ages, never sickens, and never forgives a debt. When her mother vanishes in the middle of the night, the curse falls on Violet Everly—unless she can break it first. To do so, she must descend into a seductive, magical underworld of power-hungry scholars, fickle gods, and monsters bent on revenge. And at the edges of the world, she’ll find the City of Stardust, where the Everly story began. Goodreads Link.

An Education in Malice by S.T. Gibson

Publication Date: 15 Feb 2024

Pages: 352

Blurb: Deep in the forgotten hills of Massachusetts stands Saint Perpetua's College. Isolated and ancient, it is not a place for timid girls. Here, secrets are currency, ambition is lifeblood, and strange ceremonies welcome students into the fold. On her first day of class, Laura Sheridan is thrust into an intense academic rivalry with the beautiful and enigmatic Carmilla. Together, they are drawn into the confidence of their demanding poetry professor, De Lafontaine, who holds her own dark obsession with Carmilla. But as their rivalry blossoms into something far more delicious, Laura must confront her own strange hungers. Tangled in a sinister game of politics, bloodthirsty professors and dark magic, Laura and Carmilla must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in their ruthless pursuit of knowledge. Goodreads Link.

The Antique Hunter's Guide to Murder by C L Miller

Publication Date: 29 Feb 2024

Pages: 384

Blurb: In this irresistible and thrilling debut novel, a former antique hunter investigates a suspicious death at an isolated English manor, embroiling her back in the dangerous world of tracking stolen artifacts. What antique would you kill for? Freya Lockwood is shocked when she learns that Arthur Crockleford, antiques dealer and her estranged mentor, has died under mysterious circumstances. She has spent the last twenty years avoiding her quaint English hometown, but when she receives a letter from Arthur asking her to investigate--sent just days before his death--Freya has no choice but to return to a life she had sworn to leave behind. Joining forces with her eccentric Aunt Carole, Freya follows clues and her instincts to an old manor house for an advertised antiques enthusiast's weekend. But not all is as it seems. It's clear to Freya that the antiques are all just poor reproductions and her fellow guests are secretive and menacing. What is going on at this estate and how was Arthur involved? More importantly, can Freya and Carole discover the truth before the killer strikes again? Goodreads Link.

Hades by Mark Knowles

Publication Date: 5 Mar 2024

Pages: 496

Blurb: The Age of Heroes is dead. Decades after the voyage of the fabled Argo, the last remaining Argonauts are scattered to the corners of the Greek world. The last vestiges of once-mighty kingdoms are crumbling or already lie in ruins and the enemy is nearly at the gates. The gods have abandoned Greece. The Sea People are coming... If the Age of Heroes has truly passed, never to be reborn, then great men will fade and pass into legend. Only one man can channel the spirit of the Argonauts and inspire and renew the heroism of old... and it may yet be too late. Will the old world crumble and burn... or will a new hero rise? Goodreads Link.

The Best Way to Bury Your Husband by Alexia Casale

Publication Date: 14 Mar 2024

Pages: 384

Blurb: Sometimes a woman has to take matters into her own hands . . . Sally never meant to cave her husband's head in with a skillet. Or at least she didn't until suddenly, she did. But Sally isn't the only woman in town being pushed to breaking point. When coincidence brings four strangers together, a surprising solidarity is formed. So can they find the best way to bury their husbands - and get away with it? Goodreads Link

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