City of Last Chances by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Hello Readers,

I have been lucky enough to read a few books by Adrian Tchaikovsky, I think this series is going to be my favourite. I was lucky enough to see Adrian at an event where he read a couple of pages from this book, and I was hooked. If you like reading books that are going to be a easy read where the author holds your hand towards a nice fluffy fairy tale ending you might not like this book.

As much as I loved joining Adrian on some vast travels, I enjoyed that the events in this book took part in only one city. I couldn't get enough of this world. I not going to claim that the elements Adrian uses in his worldbuilding are brand new, but a lot of credit is due when an author can make the usual tropes feel fresh and not just an obvious rehash.

One thing I loved throughout this book was how nothing felt certain, and I don’t think I predicted anything. Everything and anything could have changed at a moment’s notice, and I admired how it added a real sense of instability to what was happening.

The characters were vibrant and dazzling, something I have come to expect from Adrian. The characters are brilliant at moving the story along. This might just be a me thing Dear Reader, but I didn’t really know who to root for in this book as unlike a lot of fantasy books there are no heroes or villains. Instead, we have a realistic character’s some people are only out for themselves, people trying to do what they think is right and people who have no idea where they sit on the grey scale of life.

Come back tomorrow for my review of House of Open Wounds the second book in this series.

L x