The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers Publication Day (Gifted)

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Thank you, NetGalley for giving access to an eBook copy of The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers for free in exchange for an honest review. The eBook I received from NetGalley doesn't do the cover justice, so I am using a cover image I have found through google (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).  

It has been so hard keeping quiet about this book I was lucky enough to be approved for this book on NetGalley last June. I have been sat on my typed-up review since September but don’t worry the review at the bottom of this post is spoiler free. I can’t wait to share my full review with you.

Happy Publication Day

Title: The City of Stardust

Author: Georgia Summers

Publication Date: 25 Jan 2024

Pages: 352

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Contemporary fantasy, Dark fantasy, High fantasy

Cover Image:


Synopsis: For centuries, Everly’s have seen their brightest and best disappear, taken as punishment for a crime no one remembers, for a purpose no one understands. Their tormentor is a woman named Penelope, who never ages, never grows sick - and never forgives a debt.

Ten years ago, Violet Everly's mother left to break the curse, and never returned. Now Violet must find her mother, or she will be taken in her place. Her hunt leads her into a seductive magical underworld of power-hungry scholars, fickle gods, and monsters bent on revenge. And into the path of Penelope's quiet assistant, Aleksander, who she knows cannot be trusted - and yet to whom she finds herself undeniably drawn.

Tied to a very literal deadline, Violet will travel to the edges of the world to find her mother and the key to the city of stardust, where the Everly story began.

Miniature Review

To me The City of Stardust is like reading a traditional grim fairytale with all the beauty of the darkness underpinning the story. I read this book faster than I expected. The story broken down without too many spoilers is about power-hungry scholars, fickle gods, and monsters bent on revenge.

This book is a tale of a cursed family destined to lose their best and brightest child, the children taken by a mysterious woman who never seems to age and never forgives a debt. I do have a kind of spoiler without really giving too much away but I loved the magic system.

The way Georgia weaves together this tale is remarkable. There are captivating twists and turns, it was effortless getting hooked into this story. The characters are well thought out and developed, the plot is interesting and wasn’t predictable. I have seen some reviews say the book is too descriptive, but I personally didn’t mind.

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