The wit and wisdom of David Attenborough by Chas Newkey-Burden (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Rosa, and Octopus Publishing for sending me a copy of the wit and wisdom of David Attenborough by Chas Newkey-Burden for free in exchange for an honest review. 

This review might be slightly bias as I am a huge David Attenborough as he has been a constant in my life. Like a lot of people my age I grew up watching his documentaries and I used to pinch my parents David Attenborough books to look at the pictures before I could read.

Chas makes it clear that this book is not affiliated or endorsed by David Attenborough. This book is not a biography but a celebration of the life of David Attenborough, this book looks at David career and is a collection of stories and facts.

The writing was engaging, and the information was given a chronological order which adds a nice structure to the book in my opinion. I love the way the book is set out as the information is broken up with illustrations and ‘Did You Know’ facts. They way the book is set out helps to stop the book becoming to information dumpy. The books’ introduction showed the enthusiasm and respect that Chas has for David Attenborough. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about David Attenborough in this book and should be read by any David Attenborough fan yes, I know it’s not officially endorsed but it is still a brilliant book celebrating his life.

L x