66 Books

Hello Readers,

Last weekend I went along to 66 Books and what an experience it was. I will be honest Dear Reader it was a little overwhelming despite seeing TikTok’s and blog posts about what to expect nothing can prepare you for being face to face with that many books.

What is 66 books?

​66 books has over 20 years of experience of being one of the largest book wholesalers that specialise in clearance, remainders & reprints. 66 Books opens its doors one weekend a month to members of the public and for the whole weekend there is 70% off all books. The only thing that is required of you is to pay £2 membership for the year and that includes your household. The warehouse spans over two floors and is filled to the brim.

My friend and I were lucky when we arrived in line as we ended up surrounded by funny people who really helped the time pass. It’s funny looking back thinking how quickly we all bonded in four and a half hours and how surreal what was funny inline sounds funny when telling people. For example, making it to the mythical pallets and seeing the entrance. I’ll be honest I didn’t mind waiting also the weather was thankfully on our side and it didn’t get too cold or rain.

Once you enter 66 books you are given a little talk about the house rules which is nothing to out of the blue. Just be respectful of the book, there’s no refunds, it was all just general things. Once that little talk is over you go up a narrow staircase and then you are face to face with stack and stacks off books.

I was that in awe once I was finally face to face with everything, I facetimed Mother Goose just so she could see. I will be honest I must have picked up and looked at the blurb of over 50 books, but I only ended up buying four. My RRP was £40 odd and I paid £13.39 including my membership. I don’t regret my life choice I think I honestly got a little too overwhelmed and there was just so much to look at and process.

I can say I never really understood the analogy of kid in a sweetshop till that moment. There is honestly so much too look at and there is no order to how the book are in the shelfing units and books are just as you find them. I wouldn’t recommend going to 66 books with a set list of books you want to find as I think it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack if you only went for a specific book. That being said I found a majority of hardbacks I found; I found the paperback copy. So don’t despair on that front.

Would I go back?

I have already been planning my second visit I don’t think it will be till the second half of the year, but it is on the cards.

What would I do differently?

I would arrive earlier.

I wouldn’t take my backpack inside as the aisle are quite thin in places so I would have to clip my EPI pens to my belt buckle.

L x