Mean Girls (2024) Review

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I really enjoyed this film; I think I might been in a minority though from what I have seen online. Also, on Wednesdays we wear PINK! I have no rights to the poster image below (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

I do think this film treads a fine line between movie and musical, and I will admit I think its slightly wrong that it wasn’t marketed as a musical. My only other little gripe with the movie I hindsight is it can’t seem to make up its mind if it wants to pay homage to the orginal film or musical production which I think has upset fans on both sides. For me personally it really didn’t matter I went in with no expectations other than knowing it was a remake of the musical not the film.

There is no denying that Rachel McAdams created one of the most iconic film characters of my generation but in the movie, Regina seems very insecure. Her desperation for recognition seems to be her only drive as a character and although at the start she has power, she constantly seems afraid to lose it and the moment she loses that power it hits us as a watcher.

Regina in the musical is very different Reneé Rapp as Regina for lack of a better words she ATE and left no crumbs. Reneé’s Regina is far more brash and at the risk of quoting a song in the musical Regina is the apex predator. She is ready to keep her title in her arena of North Shore High where she has deemed survival of the fittest. This Regina owns her sexuality and her power while refusing to yield an inch of control and she really doesn't care what people think about her.

One of the biggest updates from the original movie is how the musical movie has completely modernised the high school environment and everyone clearly has their phone. The TikTok reaction videos and Instagram comments are flawlessly weaved into sequences throughout the movie to help move the story along and they add a modern touch to the film.

Quick rundown of my favourite characters. Busy Philipps perfectly takes over Amy Poehler’s role as Regina’s “cool mom” (Yes, I’m using the American spelling) she really does make the roll her own and doesn’t try to mimic Amy. Avantika for me was great Karen and I mean this as a compliment but there were moments where it really looked like the lights were on an nobody was home. Jaquel Spivey was funny as Damien I loved his voice, and the fan was its own character. I also really enjoyed Auliʻi Cravalho’s version of Janis and I loved her version of ‘I’d Rather Be Me.’ And finally, you go Glen Coco!

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