The Dead Podcast - Rebirth Part Two

Hello Readers,

Just like last week I would like to say this post is not sponsored I am just sharing the love of a friend’s work. It’s also no secret I adore Pixies writing but this is just a whole new level of awesome. There are going to be some slight SPOILERS in this review.

Trying to write this mini review without too many spoilers is an extreme sport, I will admit I kind of coped outlast week just doing a little podcast promo. I love the two episodes I’ve listened to already both have been fabulously dark, witty, and just brilliant. 

There is something about giving birth in a zombie apocalypse that most people shy away from where Pixie gave us a more realistic representation of what happens after birth. Our main character is looking for her kidnapped baby without having the luxury of postpartum care or a peri bottle or postpartum pads after giving birth. Pixie has also taken into account the amount of bleeding that can happen after birth a lot of zombie apocalypse shows, and book overlook this detail.

I also like how the people in this series haven’t all magical become expert in everything and how a doctor or in some case even a vet doesn’t magically appear just as the protagonist is about to give birth.  It’s a trope that gives me the ick Dear Reader I’m sorry, but life doesn’t happen that way.

Just like the first episode this is an emotional rollercoaster and once again that cliff hanger… I really can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Cast & Crew

The Dead was created by Bloody Disgusting and The George A. Romero Foundation

Rebirth was written by Pixie Britton

Becca - Nhea Durousseau

Eve - Bailey Wolfe

Ryan - Rhys Tirado

Soldier - Brandon P. Jenkins

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