The Game by Martin Kemp (Gifted)

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Thank you, NetGalley for giving access to an eBook copy of The Game by Martin Kemp for free in exchange for an honest review. The eBook I received from NetGalley doesn't do the cover justice, so I am using a cover image I have found through google (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).  

Title: The Game

Author: Martin Kemp

Genre: Thriller, Crime Fiction, Mystery

Pages: 384

Cover Image:

Synopsis: Johnny Klein is a rock casualty, a fallen 1980s popstar who has lost everything — his family, his money, and his fame. Thrown a lifeline by an old contact in the music business, Johnny doesn’t care what he is getting himself into.

Dragged down into East London’s dark underbelly, Johnny discovers there is more at stake than his own shattered ego. Johnny hates being yesterday’s man but now he’s wishing he could disappear altogether. The party might be over, but there’s no escape from the past…

Miniature Review

This book is a great debut from Martin Kemp. This book was an excellent quick read for me, and I knew from the first few pages I knew was in for the ride. It was everything I could possibly want in a thriller it had realistic characters, was fast paced, gritty and a page turner. Honestly, what more could you want.

I have watched a couple of Martin’s true crime show's and I’m not ashamed to confess I internally monologued the whole book in his voice while reading. It added depth to the book I didn’t expect.  

Johnny Klein is a fallen 80s pop star who has lost everything and now lives in an attic above an Indian restaurant called Graceland. This book feels realistic at points especially when it showed that it was not all butterflies and rainbows when you’re trying to get to the top in the music industry. I couldn’t help but think that Martin may have included some of his own experiences or stuff he witnessed into the story. 

Poor Johnny is now penniless with no home no work and divorce pending. Until he gets thrown a lifeline by an old contact in the music business and ends up mixed up with gangsters and seedy underbelly of the London underworld. Obviously, trouble seems destined to follow Johnny wherever he goes and things get out of hand and danger appears round every corner.

I am thrilled to share that Johnny Klein will be back this year.

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