Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

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We have made it to the last Percy Jackson book. I know The Chalice of the Gods came out in September, but I am waiting for the paperback copy or for the kindle copy to not cost as much as a book (Currently £8.99 while the hardback is £8.49 Side-eye). We also finally get to hear the prophecy that has been haunting Percy since book one.

“A half blood of the eldest gods,
Shall reach sixteen against all odds,
And see the world in endless sleep,
The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap,
A single choice shall end his days,
Olympus to preserve or raze.”

I mentioned during my review of The Titan's Curse that from then on, the story gets much darker, and this is where we were heading to the battle of Manhattan or as it is also known The Second Titan War and it is heart breaking. I don’t know how I will cope if the TV series gets this far.
Once again, the way Rick interlinks Greek mythology with modern world is truly magical and a big part of what makes this series so extraordinary. One of the things I appreciate in this series is how Rick gets us as the reader to see all angles and we discover why some of the demigods would choose side with Kronos. Furthermore, we learn how nobody not even the Gods themselves are free from blame.
I know it was considered the last book in this series for a long time but this book hits you in all the feels. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this series. This book is filled with action, tough choices, betrayals, and heart, what more could you want for a finale. This is the longest book in the series but not by much however this book was a quick read. If I didn’t know the ending of the book, I think I would have read the book in one go but you know I had to prepare for the emotional damage that I knew was coming. Sorry for the spoiler but I cried again at the ending of this book there are two bits that always break me in this book, and it is Silena Beauregard and the quote "Family Luke, you promised!".
The book pretty much starts off with a bang and doesn't slowdown. We finally get to see how the prophecy plays out, Luke's past, and many other secrets are revealed. Olympus is under threat and Kronos' attack is imminent. However, the Gods can't protect Olympus as they are preoccupied battling the Titian, Typhon. So, Percy and his campmates try to protect Olympus. We are reunited with so many people from the series that your heart can’t help but feel a little full including The Hunters of Artemis and The Party Ponies to mention a few. The unrevealing of the prophecy is heart breaking and its not what you think. The final show down with Kronos hurts how Rick manages to pack so much of a punch this late in the story is a testament to his writing and storytelling.
The gods return to Olympus and reward the heroes for their courage and valour. They promote Tyson to the rank of General of the Cyclopes. They instate Annabeth as the official architect for the redesigning of Olympus. They award Grover the empty seat in the Council of Cloven Elders. The we get to Percy, the Gods offer Percy immortality, but he declines and makes three requests.
Firstly, Percy makes the Gods swear on the River Styx that they will claim all demigods they have sired as soon as they reach thirteen or as soon as they have reached camp. Secondly Percy asks that Hades and the minor gods are shown the respected they deserve and given a cabin for their children at camp. Finally, Percy also asks for the Big Three Pact to dissolved as its not worked and cause more hassle.
There is something about Percy making the Gods claim all their children that feels my little black heart with joy and I love how he hold the Gods accountable for their roll in rise of Kronos. I know I need to read the other books in this series and I think I will get round to it sooner rather than later. Thank you for joining me on Percy Jackson week and I hope you enjoy the rest of Greek Mythology March.
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Did you think we were done with prophecies? 

“Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.”