Rereading Percy Jackson as an Adult

Hello Readers,
I loved the Percy Jackson series on Disney+ that much I had to reread the book series. I have not read The Chalice of the Gods yet as I am waiting for it to be released on paperback. I did reread the first book just before the series was released back in December, but I did end up reread the first book again for this week’s reviews. I am also resharing this line from my review of the tv series but another shout out for the episode titles being the chapter titles.
I originally reread this series back in 2013 and I still remember hunting down The Last Olympian in the yellow cover (Hades, I feel OLD) so it would match the rest of my book covers for my second set complete set. Yes, I am already side eyeing The Chalice of the Gods for not matching my collection.
I will say rereading these books as a 31-year-old is completely different experience also rereading these books after watching the series was completely new as seeing Walker Scobell as Percy reminded me that Percy is a lot younger than how I pictured him during my 2015 reread as I pictured Logan Lerman the whole time. I think it might be my age now but during this reread I think it really hit me that they are just kids.
I love how Rick has written the whole series as the books done in a way where you as the reader learn about Greek mythology without realising it right away. It wasn’t till this reread that I really appreciated the inside jokes for the people who are well-versed in Greek mythology that doesn’t mean the books aren’t funny and just all inside jokes the books are still hilarious at points.
I think this series is worth a reread or even a first as an adult the book are a good read, and they can act as a soft introduction to Greek mythology.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse
Percy Jackson and the Battle of Labyrinth
Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian