Fallout Review

Hello Readers,

I think I am a little behind the hype for this one sorry. We have seen a fair few game and book adaptions go down a strange path when they finally make it to screen. I am glad to say this screen adaption is not one of them in fact I could quite happily rewatch the whole season again. I have no rights to the poster image below (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

I’m so happy that the creators of the show chose to tell a new story set in the Fallout universe rather than a straight-up adaptation of one of the games. I think making something new in a known universe was a smart move as they gave the lovers of the game a story in a world, they love with a lot of easter eggs, but it’s done in a way that didn’t exclude people who haven’t played the game.  Also, unlike some adaptations *cough cough* Halo its clear the creators liked the game and stuck to a lot of the source material. They have even incorporated the game soundtrack into the series.
The story focuses on three main characters 200 years after a nuclear war destroyed everything, which splits humanity into two main fractions some survivors went underground into bunkers called Vaults. While other remained on the surface and split up into further factions. Lucy MacLean, a Vault Dweller who through a series of unfortunate events leaves the safety of Vault 33 and travels to the surface on a life or death mission. It was great strategy to have us discover the world with Lucy. The story also focus on Maximus who is a squire in the secretive Brotherhood of Steel, Power Armor-wearing knights who roam the land looking for lost technology.
Finally, The Ghoul, a gunslinging bounty hunter and mutant who has managed to live for well over 200 years. We learn more about his past as celebrity Cooper Howard through several flashbacks. As much as I loved both Lucy and Maximus The Ghoul is my favourite he’s sarcastic, funny and he has no qualms about putting a cartoonishly sized hole through anybody.  I would quite happily watch a spin off just focusing on The Ghoul as he’s a delight to watch.
I think that this series will withstand rewatches as there are multiple story arcs happening at the same time. While we have the main focus on Lucy, Maximus and The Ghoul there is a story unrevealing in vault 33, the past events that lead to the end of the world and possibly others I missed.
Without giving away spoilers I am so happy I pay attention to names as I noticed some clues others had missed. This series is also full of cameos and its was great, thank Hades for X-ray on prime so it’s easier to IMDB who you’re looking for.  Oh, and fun fact you know trypophobia a fear of holes, I have the opposite of this which I discovered seeing a Gulper on screen.