Bone Sacking by Astor Y Teller Cover Reveal

Hello Readers,

Today I have a cover reveal for you since reading “Them Old Bones” I have been slightly obsessed with Astor’s work and can’t wait to follow to story. This series is sadly a casualty in my current reading slump and I can’t wait for my slump to be over so I can jump back into the story.

Title: Bone Sacking
Author: Astor Y Teller 
Series: Them Old Bones Hexalogy
Cover Image:

Be careful what you wish for.

Or at least Miriam should, now that she suddenly gets the opportunity to do just that. But Miriam is in a rush after a rough encounter with a dragon which left both dead and missing persons. She wishes to get to the bottom of the treason and expose the culprits before it is too late, which leads her out into the blue.

With a lot of oceanic ice, Miriam and her ragtag band is hurled against new opponents: some lurking in the shadows, others charging them head on. There is even one who wants Miriam’s wishes to come true.
But Miriam never wished for a dragon. Not intentionally anyway

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