Reading Slump

Hello Readers,

Since my last reaction I have been in a bit of a reading slump. I think I have started about ten books the past 3 weeks, and nothing until I read Mina and the undead seemed to be stick. I will put my hands up and say it is not the books its just me. I was lucky in one way that I had learnt from my allergy disorder, and I read the books I was on tour for well in advanced, so it wasn’t too bad in that aspect.  
It wasn’t until I was talking to my friend about it that I realised that I had managed to do a fair few bookish things still. I went on a couple of tv series binges, and I my dumbass only realised last night that everything I binged was bookish and not just comfort programs.
I watched
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events 
  • One of us is lying
  • Rings of Power (I’m still unsure)
  • Percy Jackson
  • Good Omens
  • Goosebumps series
I think this may be one of the first reading slumps I’ve had where I’ve not taken it as a personal attack on myself.  Don’t we all just love that voice in out head. I know it’s ironic that I am a believer in it must be the right time to read a book but take it as a personal attack in a reading slump.
I was reading Bookshelf Discovery’s post about "How to get out of a reading slump" and I made myself laugh when I read the line “The book police won’t come knocking at your door”. I just had to laughed because I actually pictured book police and it just hit me right on the funny bone. But its true there is no book police coming to knock on my door and kidnap my books just because I’m in a reading slump and its very much a first world problem. The post also contained numerous helpful tips to try and tackle a reading slump. 
Its okay to be in reading slump but remember to be kind to yourself