Books publishing June 2024

Hello Readers,
Thanks to my last reaction I am a little behind this month’s post about what books are publishing. For each book I have mentioned I am including the number of pages, the blurb, and a link to goodreads in case you want to the add the book to your TBR.  I have no rights to the cover images below (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).
Leather & Lark by Brynne Weaver (The Ruinous Love Trilogy #2)
All contract killer Lachlan Kane wants is a quiet life. But when he botches a job for his boss's biggest client, Lachlan knows he'll never claw his way out of the underworld. At least, not until Lark Montague offers him a deal: use his skills to hunt down a killer and she'll find a way to secure his freedom. The catch? He has to marry her first. And they can't stand each other.
Pages: 416 Goodreads Publication Day: 4th June 2024
The Girlfriend Act by Safa Ahmed
When aspiring actress Farah Sheikh accidentally goes viral for exposing a prejudiced theatre company, she decides to put on her own production with the Tragedies - a group of theatre kids who are similarly desperate to break into the industry. They have the crew, all they need now is a stage ... and money.
Enter former superstar Zayan Amin. The deal? Zayan will star in and fund the Tragedies’ play, in exchange for a publicity boost generated by a new and (fake) romance with Farah. There’s just one problem: they can’t stand each other...
Pages: 400 Goodreads Publication Day: 6th June 2024

The Afterlife of Mal Caldera by Nadi Reed Perez

Mal Caldera a former rockstar, retired wild-child and excommunicated black sheep of her Catholic family is dead. Not that she cares. She only feels bad that her younger sister, Cris, has been left alone with their religious zealot of a mother, picking up the pieces Mal has left behind. While her fellow ghosts party their afterlives away at an abandoned mansion they call the Haunt, Mal is determined to make contact with Cris from beyond the grave.
She manages to enlist the help of reluctant local medium Ren, and together, they concoct a plan to pass on a message to Cris. But the more time they spend together, the more both begin to wonder what might have been if they'd met before Mal died. Review coming soon.
Pages: 464 Goodreads Publication Day: 11th June 2024
Lula Dean's Little Library of Banned Books by Kirsten Miller

Beverly Underwood and her arch enemy, Lula Dean, live in the tiny town of Troy, Georgia, where they were born and raised. Now Beverly is on the school board, and Lula has become a local celebrity by embarking on mission to rid the public libraries of all inappropriate books—none of which she’s actually read. To replace the “pornographic” books she’s challenged at the local public library, Lula starts her own lending library in front of her home: a cute wooden hutch with glass doors and neat rows of the worthy literature that she’s sure the town’s readers need. Review coming soon.
Pages: 304  Goodreads Publication Day: 20th June 2024
A Novel Love Story by Ashley Poston

Eileen Merriweather loves to get lost in a good happily-ever-after. The fictional kind, anyway. Because at least imaginary men don’t leave you at the altar. She feels safe in a book. At home. Which might be why she’s so set on going to her annual book club retreat this year—she needs good friends, cheap wine, and grand romantic gestures—no matter what.
But when her car unexpectedly breaks down on the way, she finds herself stranded in a quaint town that feels like it’s right out of a novel…Because it is.
This place can’t be real, and yet… she’s here, in Eloraton, the town of her favorite romance series, where the candy store’s honey taffy is always sweet, the local bar’s burgers are always a little burnt, and rain always comes in the afternoon. It feels like home. It’s perfect—and perfectly frozen, trapped in the late author’s last unfinished story. Review coming soon.
Pages: 384  Goodreads Publication Day: 25th June 2024