Stack Lincoln – PR Event

Hello Readers,

Disclaimer: This event was a gifted PR Event with fellow bloggers

On Thursday 23rd May I was lucky enough to be invited to the PR event at Stack in Lincoln and I loved every second of it and they have great music. I had never been to a Stack before so other than what I saw on their Instagram page I went in complete blind. I did however know from a friend that Stack had an app which I downloaded before my visit although I didn’t need it for the night I attended.

The app itself is pretty simple to use from the look around I had over the weekend. I think this is just a location launch hiccup or me being a little too eager but I had to set the app to another location so I could check out how easy the app is to use and how easy it is to jump between the menus for the different vendors inside. The app contains useful information on what events they have coming up and what bands are going to playing on certain days.

I have a confession dear Reader I am really indecisive when it comes to food, and I think my allergies have made it a little more complicated. That being said my friends are just as indecisive when it comes to picking some where we can eat. I think Stack is going to be a go to place for us to eat in the future as there is something for everyone with 6 different food vendors and 5 bars under one roof. 

Food Vendors

  • The Cheesy Pig
  • Acropolis
  • Holy Duck
  • ZZA Pizzeria
  • Barbell Burger
  • Oh La La

Drink Vendors

  • Yolo - Cocktail & Wine Bar
  • Captain Morgan’s - Rum Bar
  • Cazcabel - Tequila Bar
  • Studio - Cocktail Bar
  • Barley & Me - Draught & Spirits

When I arrived there was a live band playing and I enjoyed the atmosphere while walking around checking out the food vendors on both level. I was a little spoilt for choice and indecisiveness obviously hit, thankfully the friend I went with knew exactly what they wanted so we ordered from Holy Duck.

Between us we ordered the Duck Gyoza, Firecracker Chicken Fries and we got the Halloumi fries to share. I pinched a seasoned fry and as much I loved the gyoza I should have got an order of the seasoned fries too. I checked over my order with the team in Holy Duck cause allergies and at no point did I feel awkward or made to feel like I was problem for asking about the allergy information for what I wanted to order (Yes this has happened when I tried to eat out).

I was lucky enough to talk to the PR team about some of the future plans for the Lincoln location and they mentioned that they are going to be opening a games area that contains shuffleboard, darts and other fun games. I know I’ll be back before then, but I can’t wait for that addition since trying shuffleboard in York it’s one of my favourite tabletop games.  I played it once and I’m now clearly an expert.

L x