Travel – Cayo Guillermo, Cuba (Zap-it Gifted, Ad)

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Welcome back to travel Tuesday, I have been lucky enough to visit different parts of Cuba but Cayo Guillermo has my heart. The places I am going to be mentioning are Egypt, Spain, Tunisia and Cuba. I do have one more thing to add I need to add a gifted and ad for the end of the post where I mention ZAP-IT and I don’t earn any money from the links included.

Cayo Guillermo is they stereotypical vision you get when you think of Cuba or The Caribbean perfectly clear sea, white beaches, starfish, beautiful birds, rum and cigars. I am part of a hotel page on facebook and somethings I would like to clear up from the questions I see on there.

Cuba is still under embargo; Cuba is recovering from a food shortage and the star rating is Cuban rated and please do your research before you go!!! You cannot go over the top clubbing in Cayo Guillermo aits attached to Cuba by a causeway. Also let’s not forget Hurricane Irma pretty much destroyed most of Cayo Guillermo, to the people moaning about their holiday being cancelled there is a special place in the afterlife for you!  
Most of the above usually gets me in trouble when I visit, my last visit I ended up on the same flight and hotel as a “Karen” she had stayed at an Iberostar in Tenerife and expect the same luxuries and I have never heard someone moan so much in a tropical paradise. Once more for the people at the back in Cayo Guillermo is attached to Cuba by a causeway and is stunning and peaceful.

I honestly love Cuba it is honestly the only Caribbean island I feel safe enough to walk around alone and off the hotel complex. I love the Cuban people and they are honestly so friendly and welcoming it’s unbelievable. There is very little to do outside of the hotels other than the other hotels, Dolphinarium, Pilar Beach. I don’t mind walking and usually go for walks down the beach or to the causeway bridge or Dolphinarium keep your eyes peeled on the way to the causeway and Dolphinarium you should be able to see the beautiful flocks of Pink Flamingos. There is also excursions to Havana, Crocodile farm, Catamaran trips, speed boats and deep-sea fishing off the top of my head.
If you find yourself in Cayo Guillermo, you must visit the stunning, Playa Pilar beach. It’s true white sand and crystal-clear water paradise and if you visit on a full moon the huge starfish are close to shore. If you get the chance you must visit Moron, in my opinion, the best way to view Moron is by private tour each time I have gone with Juan Carlos and I couldn’t recommend the trip enough.

Juan took Mother Goose and I to the nearby crocodile farm, Laguna de Leche and the best Piña Colada, Quick stop for sugar cane and we went on to Moron. I still love how pretty and bright the buildings are in Cuba and they still take my breath away each time I go I always pause and take in the moment and just enjoy the sights.

One thing that I have a love-hate relationship within Cuba is that every single bug that bites will find me. I have tried everything from sprays, bands, new bands, plugs and patches I have come to the conclusion I’m just going to get bitten anyway; however, I moved my focus to getting rid of the pesky itch.

Cubans recommend putting Rum on to stop it, sorry but nope and creams I’ve used in the past made me itch more. So, before my last trip, I was looking for something new and came across Zap-it after reading some reviews I thought I would order two. Imagine my surprise when I saw Zap-it put a request out for bloggers and here, we are a miniature review on a travel post. I'm unlucky when I get bitten as they swell and after the first couple of uses, I noticed the bites treated with the Zap-it didn’t swell and the itching was almost non-existent.

Here’s a little science scratching a mosquito bite may bring short-lived relief but it also increases the histamine levels in the area causing swelling and the slight risk of damaging the skin’s surface and making it itch more.

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