Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton Audiobook Review

Hello Readers,

It’s no secret that I love the Kill or Cure trilogy by Pixie Britton and I was gloomy that the trilogy had ended but in came Pixie on a white stead to save the day with Shakira Shute in tow and the first book on audio. 

We all know I love this series and if you want to read my reviews of the books you can take a look here (Kill or Cure, Kill or Cure: Bloodlust and Kill or Cure: Oblivion). This is not going to be a post rehashing what I thought of the books but what I thought of how well the first book translated to audio.

One thing I was worried about was that I have been with Alyx and the gang from the beginning and wasn’t sure if having someone else be her voice would disconnect me from the story. Kill or Cure was also one of the first books I got approved for and I’m slightly attached and protective. However, in no time at all Shakira's voice soon became Alyx' voice.

This is the first audiobook I have heard from Shakira Shute and it was magical. It is a whole new experience having a story you love being told to you. It almost reminded me of having my mum read to me when I was little (oh the feels). Shakira manages to perfectly encapsulate the story and the raw emotions that are woven through this tale.  Shakira bringing’s Pixie’s remarkable work to a new level. The book its self is emotive, intense and the characters are stupidly easy to connect to and Shakira has done a brilliant job of portraying this through the audio.

In parts I found myself experiencing the story in a new way. There are chapters that I never looked into past the surface level while reading the book that gained more physicality and I more detail through the audiobook. Which is an attack on myself as a reader I am fully aware of.  


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