Daughter of Winter and Twilight by Helen Corcoran (Gifted)

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Thank you, O’Brien Press, for sending me an ARC and finished copy of Daughter of Winter and Twilight for free in exchange for an honest review. Check out my review of Queen of Coin and Whispers

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Title: Daughter of Winter and Twilight

Author: Helen Corcoran

Series: Queen of Coin and Whispers #2

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 576 pages

Cover Image:

Synopsis: To some, Emri – the adopted heir and daughter of two queens – is a living reminder that her birth father tried to usurp the Edaran throne. While Emri grapples with a diplomatic visit from her estranged cousin, Melisande, the two girls are attacked by a magical force and spirited away. They must put their differences aside when Emri comes face to face with a goddess, she’s always considered a myth: Lady Winter.

Trapped deep within a mountain temple alongside other young royals, they face a race against time to complete Lady Winter’s trials … or die.

Miniature Review

I really enjoyed rereading Queen of Coin and Whispers so I could go straight into Daughter of Winter and Twilight, and I loved every second. Was it over 1,000 pages yes, yes it was but it never felt like a long old slog. That being said thanks you my allergy disorder I have the luxury of being able to take the time to just sit and read and I know not everyone has that luxury. This review is spoiler free. 

I do think Daughter of Winter and Twilight could be read as a standalone as the main characters from Queen of Coin and Whispers are in the background. I did was delighted seeing how much Lia and Xania had grown since the end of Coin and Whispers.

I adored the intricate worldbuilding and I loved learning more about the other nations in this book’s world. In the first book it makes sense for the other nations to be in the background a little so having the come to the forefront and learning not only about their politics but their stance on religion.

I love how layered Helen’s characters were in the first book, and this was also prevalent through Daughter of Winter and Twilight. This book was full of twists and twist, turns and intense emotions it was a brilliant read, and I can’t wait to see if any more books are set in this series.

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