Queen of Coin and Whispers by Helen Corcoran

Hello Readers,

I was lucky enough to receives an early copy of Daughter of Winter and Twilight from O'Brien Press after seeing a reach out on twitter. I read Queen of Coin and Whispers in 2021 and couldn’t wait to reread it and follow it with Daughter of Winter and Twilight publishing 4th of September. 

I love a book that starts with grabbing your hand and tells you to run. This book starts when Lia is made aware of how sick her uncle, the King, is. Despite her rush to see him she is too late, and The King is dead. Just like how quick it happens in real life Lia is now the Queen. Lia has been waiting her entire life to rule how she wishes to rule. She wants to change things. Her uncle in his death has left the country bankrupt, and dangers are closing in not only from neighbouring countries but closer to home in the royal court and parliament. If Lia wants to beat the royal court at its own game, she needs a spy and that’s where our second main character Xania comes in.

Xania has one thing in mind, revenge. Xania believes her father was murdered and she thinks she knows who did it. Xania believes he was killed by a high ranked politician and intends to prove it. Xania has spent years training so she can find out the truth and the prefect opportunity comes along when she gets the chance to become the Queen’s spy she doesn’t hesitate and takes The Queen up on her offer.

One of my favourite aspects of the book was how it explores and shows powerful women in different circles of life and how often they are underestimated. The women in this book are unapologetically ambitious, ruthless, intelligent, witty, and kind. Women being underestimated and using that to their advantage will always be my favourite thing in fictional works and in nonfiction works.

I loved Lia and Xania together, their chemistry and their yearning for each other was brilliant and he slow burning love aspect was well executed. This wonderful love story between these two unapologetically powerful women while they were both trying to work out their new lives while with their feelings for one another. There is no homophobia in this world and different sexualities are completely normal and not even labelled. Sexuality is mentioned so casually by saying 'his husband', 'her wife' and I loved it.

This book isn’t just a love story the pages are stuffed full of political intrigue. Parliament is divided and the Royal Court all determined to see the new Queen fail. Dear Reader, it probably says a lot about me as a person but I love royal court drama and trying to figure out the truth and people’s loyalties. If I could jump into a Tardis, I would have to travel to Tudor England to see the Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn crossover I want to know the truth and would do it for all the wives’ crossovers. Not only do you have all the political mess but there are shady financial dealings and embezzlement.

This book was full of twists and twist, turns and intense emotions it was a brilliant read and I hope you come back on the 4th of September to hear my thoughts on Daughter of Winter and Twilight.

L x

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