You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron

Happy Spooky Season Readers,

Since reading Cinderella is Dead, I have been slightly obsessed with Kalynn’s books and I really need to stop keeping them to myself and share them with you Readers. I got this book when it came out in June, and I am so happy that I saved this book for the spooky season. Kalynn can write anything no matter the genre, and I will consume the story.

You Are Not Supposed to Die Tonight is the perfect horror read for fans of classic horror slashers films. Camp Mirror Lake is home to an exclusive terror game based on the slasher movie of the same name. I enjoyed discovering the history of Camp Mirror Lake and its shady past.

The set up is everything you could ever want in a horror slasher story and the summer camp terror is such a great troupe. If you're familiar with slasher films, you know that a lot of bodies drop along the way. The humour was fun and let’s be honest it’s not a slasher if you're not laughing a little. The atmosphere was incredible, and I love the twists in the story. I've always admired Kalynn’s ability to normalise queerness and I love how her characters are not defined by their sexuality. 

Charity has one of the best jobs in my opinion. Charity gets to play the role of the “final girl” at an immersive horror camp where they’re re-enacting a cult classic horror movie filmed at camps location years before. This book made me remise about when I used to work horror walks and scare people and I miss scaring people during the spooky season apparently.

Charity and her friends are having a blast coming up with new and inventive ways to scare the visitors. Just as things are wrapping up for the season, things begin to take an unexpected turn. One of Charity’s friends ends up being battered, bruised, and left for dead. Is seems there's a lot more to worry about to be a lot more than fake blood staining your clothes.

I kind of want to go to an immersive horror camp and see if I can be final girl or become a scare actor again.

L x

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