Books I am Rereading This Year

Hello Readers,

I thought I would share with you some books that I will be rereading this year. There is a collection of books I try to reread at least once a year, but these are book’s I loved lasted year or have another reason to such as restarting a series.

When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill

Once I read When Women Were Dragons last year I knew I would need a physical copy to tab and highlight. I will try not rehash my review for you as I have it linked however this book has lived rent free in my head since I read it. This is a brilliant book about the changes we go through to become ourselves, talking about uncomfortable things, and accepting ourselves and those around us as they are. I honestly think of this book’s ending a couple of times a month and still feel the emotions as raw as the first time.

Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan (Five Books)

I have become complete obsessed with the myths and legends of ancient Greece again thanks to watching the Percy Jackson series on Disney+. As I am typing up this post, I am rereading the series. I knew when the series was announced I would want to reread the series before it aired but my allergy disorder had other plans so now after the ending of series one, I am catching up. 

Death-Cast Duology by Adam Silvera

I have been putting off reading the sequel book The First to Die at the End because I loved They Both die at the End so much, but I think this year I might read them order. Did this book make me cry yes it did, did it matter there was a huge ass clue with all the bells and whistle in the title apparently not. I will admit I underestimated how much this book was going to hurt. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t love this book because as much as it hurts its full of heart and it tackles friendship, mortality, and most importantly, what it truly means to live in the moment.  

Hades x Persephone series by Scarlett St. Clair (Three Books Released)

I can wait to get my hands on the last book in this series. I have previously reviewed book one. I haven’t read any of the books from Hade’s point of view yet. I have had a lot of reactions and read a lot of books since I read the first three books and I would like to refresh myself on the story before I jump into the final book A Touch of Chaos which comes out Tuesday, 12 March 2024.

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

When I originally read Cinderella is Dead back in 2020, I was lucky enough to join a tour with Tandem Collective and Bloomsbury, so my copy of the book was gifted. Since reading You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight, I have been itching to jump back into Kalynn worlds. Imagine a world where instead of any holy literature there is the tale of Cinderella, her Prince Charming and horrible stepmother and stepsisters. What if that tale is now law and a lie? I loved the effortless way Kalynn turned this classic fairy-tale on its head to make it a modern anthem of feminism and empowerment. 

L x