It's Okay

Hello Readers,

It’s okay to be struggling in the current climate. it’s okay not to feel right and most of all its okay to feel powerless. I know we can’t do much about feeling powerless but we can try to take things we can control into our power. Little things as doing the washing up or dusting or picking what to have for tea. It’s okay also feel angry and let down by people who are flaunting the rules. It's okay if you feel your inner demons (or whatever you call them) are starting to come out.

It’s also okay to tell people to fuck off who are like I’ve written the next Divergent series or if they’ve Marie Kondo’d the whole house. If you’ve got out of bed this morning, I am proud of you. If you have changed into your day PJs I am proud of you. If you have brushed your teeth and showered, I am proud of you. Please don’t compare yourself to others I’ve got you and I’m proud.

Also, social distancing doesn’t mean social distancing online. I have a stupid amount of games of words with friends going on and Boggle (I’m much better at words just saying). I have also taken this opportunity to look back and share old photos, you know the ones I'm talking about the ones that you cant share on social media because of their not social media-ready or just outright bad funny. Not only have I been looking at friends photos I also found a load of photos I have taken of my friend's children that we had all forgotten about which was cute to compare now and thens.

Important bit
14 women and 2 children have died in the UK since lockdown started
Refuge 0808 2000 247
Men's Advice Line 0808 801 0327
NSPCC 08088005000
Childline 0800 1111

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