Book Characters I would Isolate With

Hello Readers,
Today is my 300th blog post and next Wednesday is my blogs 2nd Birthday!!! How time flies when you’re having fun. I have so much to share with you next Wednesday!!

Today’s post is inspired by a conversation I had with my cousin who is also an avid reader and we were just talking rubbish as you do and asked each other what book characters we would like to in lockdown with. Which got me thinking so here is my choices.

Let’s be honest this isn’t really a secret and we all know I belong with the Nerd Herd. Okay, I’ll stop being a princess about it, I read these books during an odd time in my life and I’m still attached. Also, the abilities they all process would be an advantage in a lockdown. Imagine be able to feel like you’re in a meadow from the safety of isolation. A little reminder of this little knowledge nugget, I can’t wait to see this finally come to a screen. I can’t wait to finally see my Nerd Herd.

DEATH from Discworld by Sir Terry Pratchett
I mean who wouldn’t want to sit and talk to any form or embodiment of DEATH. I honestly have so much love for the way Sir Terry created DEATH. Sir Terry’s DEATH is a caring individual and He even gets upset when people him of killing them. I’ll be honest if he’s waiting for me when I leave this plane of existence, I’m not even mad. I am also relistening to this on audiobook.

Ollie and Will and rest of Ollie’s friends from Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales
I just want to be in GREASE. Not washing with anyone okay so I picked these guys because I know we’ve only just met but I think it would be an all-out laugh.  I also just realised I am way too old to be hanging out with them not quite at the bad stage but a clear midlife crisis. 

 I picked Kat because I feel you would be nice just sitting down and working it all out like how to be a good feminist and try to keep a balance. Kat worries because other women have made sacrifices for her to be able to go to school, so if she can't go, she's making a mockery of their efforts. We’ve all felt this pang at some point. Kat could come and isolate with me and the people from the book I’ve selected last.

Okay, so this makes the list cause you know zombies!! Okay no I actually like characters in this book Pixie has done a wonderful job of making them come to life and you do feel like you are part of the gang. I’ll be honest I have a lot of love for this gang of misfits and think we would get on. 

I think its technically cheating but I would totally love to be in lockdown with the contributors to Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis. Let's be honest who does want to be stuck in a huge ass house with Denning, Jodie Whittaker and Bridget Jones (Obviously movie Bridget) off the top of my head.

What fictional character or characters would you isolate with?