Happy Second Birthday to me!! (#AD #GIFTED)

Hello Readers,
So as promised here is my new logo what do you think? Thank you to Sam_Digitalart for the redesign (AD, GIFTED).

Also I am now LaurenatRead on Instagram and Twitter

I also want to say thank you to every single person who reads my posts, retweets my post and just for the support I have received since I started. I never in a million years thought I would write 302 posts let alone that I would be sitting at 57,000+ views.  I love being part of the bookish community and it has been a lovely part of my life for the last two year. Thank you again, too all the PR people, authors and bookish friends that have made this possible. Also, special mention to Mother Goose for keeping me sane and not getting mad when the post arrives and for all the blah blah blahs in video outtakes.

Nerding out with the numbers that’s
  • 302 blog posts
  • 1,635 Instagram posts
  • 5,420 tweets
  • 57,000+ views in total

So todays post is my top 10 blog posts from the last two years each of this posts has a special place on my heart but I won’t bore you with the details

4.       GeekyMelts
9.       Relicsby Tim Lebbon

What has been your favourite?
L x
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