Friday, 31 July 2020

Alton Towers During Covid-19

Hello Readers,

If you follow me on Instagram (heres my vlog from the day) you know a week ago today, I was at Alton Towers. Before I get any grief, I would like to remind people that Alton Towers and other theme parks are cleaner than going shopping. Not true I hear you cry!! Well sorry to break it you but despite a rise in cleaning standards in retail stores such as the larger supermarkets they cannot police every item that has been touched by a person or clean all of them. Yes, the till and card machines are cleaned but your shopping can’t it’s impossible.  

What Has Changed?

Ride lines

The ride lines are open to full capacity to ensure that people are social distancing. Yes, that does mean it’s a bit of a hike but get them steps in and don’t be miserable. While here I would just like to mention the line times at the front and on the app are including the social distancing so it’s not like it’s over an hour wait with people back to back waiting to ride if you get me. Also, while in lines be considerate everyone is in the same boat and please distance it’s the only way, they can stay open. Yes, that is aimed at the four girls who decided to be that close they were pretty much up my ass in The Smiler line.  


Thankfully your mask only has to be worn while in the ride station, on the ride and while in retail locations (That on is law so don’t be bitching to Alton Towers). I will say bring a couple of spares. We were lucky and didn’t lose any but our new line game was counting the masks that had fallen off, no shock to anyone but I’m pretty sure The Smiler had the most mask casualties.  

Hand Gel

There are hand gel stations everywhere in the ride line, in the ride station, as you leave the ride and at the photo kiosk. There was a couple of broken one in the ride line don’t be that dick, like what do you achieve? I usually have my own but it was nice to see the added measures.

Car parking

Is now done via a QR code the machines are no longer as you leave.


Everything else

We didn’t go into the large shop on tower street but from what I could see it was a one-way system so nothing new in the new normal there.

I will also just mention this is the only trip I’ve had some issues with the app. The hiccups weren’t day-ruining but just frustrating. For example, I usually buy my photo pass on the route but the app and the mobile web page was having none of it which meant I had to get it when I arrived and it cost £5 which isn’t the end of the world but grrr.

This time when we went, we tried Explorers Pizza and Pasta Buffet. Usually, we aren’t this side of the park around lunchtime so it was nice to change it up. This was also my first meal out since lockdown (Fun fact). I have seen how this place normally looks and yes there is a limited menu, yes you have to wear your mask when you leave the table. But come on were in a pandemic and everything is starting to reopen also they currently are using the ice cream machines obvious reasons but the cookie they are handing out instead is amazing!! There was a guy at the nearest distance tables who did nothing but moan while chomping down on three of each slice of three different pizza with his plate almost overflowing with pasta. Like mate shut up you had more than your £14 worth you’re just being pedantic.

 Final Thoughts

I think that overall, it felt like any other visit minus the rain. Wearing a mask on a ride isn’t as bad as what you think in fact Mother Goose said she felt less winded after Nemesis. We also still managed to ride everything that we wanted plus extra. I honestly can't wait for scare-fest and have two trips planned for October. Which brings me to next point please wear your mask and keep up the good work we have done so far so I can celebrate Halloween. My dark and creepy side needs to come out once a year. 

If you have any question please don't be afraid to get in contact on any of my social media. I found it a little hard to find out what to expect without watching a long vlog which is why I have done this post hopefully someone will find it useful. 

 L x

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Boy Queen by George Lester (Gifted Ebook, Review)

Hello Readers,

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Children's Books for the chance to read Boy Queen by George Lester on ebook for free in exchange for an honest review

Publication Date: 6th August 2020

First off I am living for this book right now. I downloaded it back in April and have read it twice since. Heads up this review might get a little love letter. In the words of Anne Boleyn sorry not sorry. Also, with this review going live before publication it's going to be spoiler-free.

Also, just a quick note this story is superbly fun but also poignant and not afraid to shy away from deeper issues and in doing so there are multiple uses of a homophobic slur, homophobia, physical attack due to homophobia but please DO NOT let this put you off. This is not being used as a shock tactic or to make itself topical it’s a heartfelt yet heartbreakingly true representation of exposing the issues of being LGBT+ in a close-minded community.

This is such a strong debut book, from the start we are tackling the issues of friendship, LGBTQIA+, homophobia bullying while touching on a gentle romance and coming out in your own pace. George has written a refreshingly honest, beautifully heartfelt novel while keeping the portrayal of drag culture felt very honest and authentic. For my own selfish reasons, I would love George to write a sequel or a companion novel (No pressure).

So here we are a stage of life that most of us have experienced that moment between finishing Sixth form or college and going away to university or into a job.  This awkward time in our lives is where we join our main character the delightful Robin Cooper.

All of Robins friends are ready to go to uni while poor Robin seems to be getting rejection letters from most of the drama schools of the UK. For his 18th birthday and the cheer him up Robins friends go to the local gay bar for the Drag show. During the drag show Robin starts to feel his passion and creativity come alive again, the experience is life-changing and he soon immerses himself in the wonderful world of drag. With a renewed sense of purpose and lease of life, Robin throws himself head-first into the world of drag.

I honestly couldn't stop smiling both times I read this book. I think that is down to both George’s writing style and character development. This book is so easy to love but it is one of them books you feel everything the characters do all the joy the sadness the pain, it was so evocative, So buckle up.  I loved the supportive cast of characters, the emphasis on living out loud and finding the thing that makes you shine. I loved Robin's journey but I couldn’t help but fell in love with Greg and Seth too. 

That’s all I have to say for this review once the six-month grace period is over I will write a full review with all the Tea and SHADE!!!

 L x

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Monday, 27 July 2020

Ad: Awfully Posh Pork Crackling (Gifted, Paid)

Hello Readers,

Before we delve in, I would like to say thank you again to Love Snacking and Awfully Posh Pork Crackling for sending me a box of Pork Crackling. This post contains links to buy I do not profit in any way.

I have a snack review post for you today. Slightly bias I love a good pork scratching and snack so for me this was a win-win. Who does love a perfectly crisp pork scratching that isn’t too hard? Awfully Posh has hit the balance perfectly with their pork cracklings. I’m even snacking on the “share” bag while writing this post.

I had to test out their durability as a grab and go snack so I also threw a packet in my bag when we went to Alton Towers on Friday. I would just like to say these pork cracklings have delightful non-greasy texture and don’t make your fingers icky which is perfect for on the go.

These crackling have a consistent and perfect fat and crunch ratio in each bite for me, with just the perfect amount of salt without making any too salty (even that little one that’s been hiding in the bottom). These pork crackling have a nice satisfying crunch, and not the kind that makes you worry about your dental health. One thing I did notice is the high quality and with no gross pieces including the dreaded hairy bits.

If you look under the ingredients on the back of the packaging you are met with a wonderful great surprise. Buckle in, okay now you’re prepared for the ingredient list we have pork ride and salt. That is, it no rubbish, no e-numbers and no MSG.

For me personally, I preferred the sea salt as I have to be in the mood for spice. But I did try chilli and garlic despite me not feeling the need for the spice. Despite the flavouring, there is still a chunk of delicious pork crackling under there that isn’t overthrown by the added flavour.


Links to buy: British Snack Co.      Amazon

L x
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Monday, 20 July 2020

Film Review: Scoob!

Hello Readers,

I have a confession I am honestly the biggest Scooby-Doo fan. Not so much in the buying of merchandise more that I have seen almost every Scooby-Doo movie made even the supernatural cross over. Due to Covid Scoob! Went straight to digital download not going to lie I’m not even mad about it as it saves a huge delay *cough* Mulan *cough*.  I can see some of you rolling your eyes yes, it’s another film review but it’s my happy place at the minute and my anxiety doesn’t seem to spark with film reviews.

I am using poster images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for future review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review). Get ready for the nostalgia

So, buckle up and let's jump into the Mystery Machine (Yes, I went there!) let's go, gang!!

I will be honest I went into this film with little hopes. I love Mathew Lillard as Shaggy and was a little grumpy see he wasn’t reprising his role however I am a Will Forte fan and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He wasn’t that bad and I actually loved the movie. Who voice who in the mystery gang I hear you cry well I've already mentioned Shaggy, Fred is voiced by Zac Efron, Daphne is voiced by Amanda Seyfried, Velma is voiced by Gina Rodriguez and Scooby is voiced by the legendary Frank Welker. 

There are so many nostalgic Easter Eggs they hit you like a boxing match. I've seen it twice already and I am still sure I missed some. From Captain Caveman (If you didn’t do it in the voice you can leave), Dick Dastardly and his companion Muttley. You’re going to have to watch yourself to see the others (Jinkies).  Also, puppy Scooby is adorable and the same with the gang they're so cute! To age up the young characters we get treated to a shot-for-shot recreation of the original title sequence it like hearing the opening music to Lord of the Rings it’s a welcome home.

This film has such a great and a fun premise without stepping on the toes of the original Blue falcon and Scooby-Doo cross over (2012). I know I’ve mentioned the nostalgia but it really is enjoyable to see some older characters brought back with faithful performances which offer genuine laughs. I shamefully had to google some of them because I recognised the character but forgot the name.

Let’s talk about the other main man the villain himself (Zoinks) Jason Issacs is a brilliant Dick Dastardly and I now can’t picture (or is it hear) anyone else in that role he was honestly the embodiment of what I remember from my childhood and I think if I was younger he would actually scare me. The only complaint I have is purely on my side and that is my dumbass decides to keep humming “Catch the Pigeon” once is there is never leaving.

I think for me Scooby Doo has a special place in my heart and I might be biased but I grew up watching Disney or Scooby-Doo. So I’m a little protective and a little rose-tinted but most of us are with our childhood movies. I honestly hope this is a breath of fresh air into the series and I can’t wait to see any other movies that come out.

What is you favourite Scooby-Doo movie?

Mine is Zombie Island and Scooby-Doo: The Movie

L x
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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Hamilton (Hamilfilm) Review

Hello Readers,

Here I am with a review of Hamilton on Disney+. I am one of the unlucky few it seems in my friendship circle who hasn’t seen Hamilton on stage and today I realised why everyone loves it so much.

I didn’t go in completely blind I have listened to a couple of the song and knew a some of the lyrics. Also, I knew random songs such as the shout outs in Guns and Ships. Not as well as I know Beetlejuice but hey ho enough to get the stare from Mother Goose. 

One of the biggest things I loved about this production was that it was filmed beautifully and transferred from stage to screen effortlessly which isn’t as easy at it sounds. Also, I currently have so much love for all the YouTube videos pointing out things that I missed and hidden details.

I have seen the term “the (Hamilton) musical has become over-hyped” and I completely disagree. There is nothing over-hyped about this musical it lives up to its now legendary status. The songs are amazing in their own right but let us just talk about the legendary speed of said songs Satisfied fastest verse hits 5 words a second while Guns and ships hits NINETEEN! words in THREE seconds! If that isn’t legendary, I don’t know what is.

One thing that stuck with me was Anthony Ramos doubled-up characters. In Act one he plays Laurens, however, in act two he plays Hamilton’s son Phillip. Without spoilers, this is beautiful and such a pleasure to watch and the feels.

I haven’t forgotten the Schuyler sisters, who have some of the best numbers and kinda steal the show. Lin-Manuel Miranda weaves the strong story-line of revolution into a tale mixed with courtship, marriage, friendship and adultery. Angelica Schuyler is a freethinker and a feminist controlled by the narrowness of the options available to women of her time and class. Her sister Eliza who marries Alexander isn’t reduced to a passive, suffering figure by the emotional richness of her songs. And Peggy!!

I would recommend doing the opposite of that I did, you have no excuse if you have Disney+. Watch the musical then listen the soundtrack. I may not have listened to all the songs but the ones I had gained much more from me being able to see them.

Nothing can compare to seeing an actor give everything they have on stage but this recording has translated it beautifully. Go on go watch it you know you want to.

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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Where have I been

Hello Readers,

I’m guessing you noticed the media silence. Unless you follow me on Instagram I doubt you have any idea what’s happened so here we go.

Guys I got really sick. I went from ear infection to meningitis plus worse scare to just two bits of my body falling out. That’s a lot to deal within a week of doctors’ appointments I say week it was 5 days. So buckle in and I will explain who what where and why. I would also like to say aside from the body aches it was a lot emotionally and physically in such a short amount of time. 

I’m sure I mentioned I had a monster panic attack and I was just getting to my normal after it. I then decided I would grow some ovarian cysts cause what else was I going to do in lockdown. Well just as they started to settle down, I got a BEAST of an earache.

Thinking it was nothing to be worried about I carried on well after 5 days I went to the doctors. I was seen in person while wearing appropriate PPE and was told I had two bulging eardrums which meant I might have double inner ear infection. I was prescribed 5 day’s worth of antibiotics and told to ring back on day four if nothing had improved. Fast forward to day four I felt worse and I was walking into the door frames (Fun right) and I was so dizzy any movement of my head was disorientating. Also, the headache across the back of my head was killer.

I rang my doctors like sorry the antibiotics haven’t worked which then lead to a video chat with my new doctor. He thought it might be mastoiditis which is nasty. Here’s a quick rundown given the time frame of eight days he was worried as if left untreated, mastoiditis can cause some serious problems, including hearing loss, blood clot, meningitis, or a brain abscess. So, I was told try two of the higher strength antibiotics and I felt no better to go to the hospital no ifs no buts.

I didn’t feel any better so on Wednesday I put my mask on and went to the hospital by this point my neck had gone stiff my dizziness was worse. Everyone was really nice and even with the current pandemic and heat. While in the hospital my mouth decided it was going to cover itself in blister (I know great timing). Once the ball got rolling, I was given a three-step plan before we got to the scary stuff. Thankfully we worked it on the step before things got stabby.  Also, side note my GP rang to make sure I had followed instructions, I do listen sometime.

Turns out my temporomandibular joint and ear decided to have a falling out and a slagging match. We don’t know who upset who but they majorly fell out. The blister was a sign that my body was starting to struggle to fight. Which meant I was given a list of immune boosters and vitamins to take as well as carrying on my course of antibiotics.

Here we are almost two weeks later I can move my head again and I’ve stopped walking into things. Walking into things has been replaced by late mornings, midday naps and a lot of vitamins in the morning but it’s a better place and I like here compared to where I was. Even while writing this I'm here like I need to be nicer myself and my body. I need to let it recover properly and look after it better not like I'm mean to it. Yes I did get myself some sunflowers.

Well, that is that my dear Reader…

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